5 Mistakes Most Companies Make Hiring PHP Developers By Laitkor Infosolutions PHP Developers

Did you know that more the five million websites today run on PHP? It is one of the most popular open source scripting language used for dynamic websites that empower digital empires, startups and new-age growth companies.

Of course, with the popularity of PHP websites, a number of individual and companies have cropped offering their services. How are you supposed to choose from them? Here’s what you can learn from companies that have made mistakes with it.

1.    Not examining past works well enough

It is somewhat ironic that you have to judge the work of PHP developers when you are looking for one. Of course, you have little idea of skills required for the job so you judge the previous work solely on aesthetic merit.

A website definitely has to look beautiful but that is more of a design aspect. Examine how seamlessly it works and offers smoother user experience. If possible, speak with the technical staff of the company with an expert on your side.

2.    Looking within the same region

Wouldn’t you want the PHP developers to be in your city or state? It is easier that way. You can talk face to face and sort out development issues without fuzz. Unbelievably, most companies face delays and huge cost burdens because top management doesn’t want to compromise here.

Why put extra efforts into going local when there is more efficient and economical options offshores? Didn’t we leave the Stone Age behind and that thing called internet that connects teams globally?

3.    Overlooking support and communication

Imagine being stuck in the PHP development project for months where neither you nor your development company understand the issues. Think of situations where you drop emails on changing something and there is no one to talk to for days.

PHP skill is crucial but what will save the day for you is the attitude of outsourced company. Interview them on the analytical ability on understanding your requirements, problems, and then answering rather than pouncing on the project.

4.    Unclear pricing policies

Are you agreeing on variable pricing? Or did the development company simply dodges the question with vague answers? In such situations, you never know how much money will be spent on the process and how many months your company will be waiting for the final PHP website to kickoff business with.

Make sure that you get the contract signed when working with the offshore company for the first time. Mention all the details in the contract and if possible, talk about it clearly in the interview first.

5.    Lack of testing practices

Business website is the face of a company today. And if you are not proactive at testing the changes, chances are that the PHP developer will cut corners. Of course, you don’t have to get down to the coding level to look for issues, simply see how things works and if your customers will like it.

In fact, you can invest a little in testing the website or ask someone you know to look into it. If something comes up, setup a meeting with the developer and listen to how he/she can resolve it.

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