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Some tools that we have used for software integration are MuleSoft Zapier



MuleSoft is an integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications. Following are its core features:

Location Transparency

A way of centrally configuring endpoints for messages, so that a consumer application does not require information about a message producer in order to receive messages


The ability to convert messages into a format that is usable by the consumer application.

Protocol Conversion

Similar to the transformation requirement, the ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) must be able to accept messages sent in all major protocols, and convert them to the format required by the end consumer.


The ability to determine the appropriate end consumer or consumers based on both pre-configured rules and dynamically created requests.


The ability to retrieve missing data in incoming messages, based on the existing message data, and appends it to the message before delivery to its final destination.

Monitoring / Administration

The goal of ESB is to make integration a simple task. As such, an ESB must provide an easy method of monitoring the performance of the system, the flow of messages through the ESB architecture, and a simple means of managing the system in order to deliver its proposed value to an infrastructure.

Security: ESB security involves two main components

Making sure the ESB itself handles messages in a fully secure manner, and negotiating between the security assurance systems used by each of the systems that will be integrated.





Zapier connects the web apps to easily move data and automate tedious tasks. It offers Zaps which is a connection between two apps that automates time-consuming tasks.

It is a link between two apps (a “trigger” and an “action”) ands runs automatically in the background every few minutes to move and manage data on your behalf.

NetSuite CRM Implementation


Laitkor is one of the NetSuite’s Solution Provider and an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), having implemented many ERP, CRM and eCommerce on NetSuite in the past.

Our approach to implementation services is more business process driven than on technology driving it. This means that implementations allow our clients to focus on business requirements and not on the technology on which it is driven.

NetSuite Implementation Services
  • Base System set up CRM and eCommerce
  • Migration on entity data
  • Individualized system setup with workflow configuration, form scripting, custom record creation.

Laitkor Software Integrations Work

SSO for Hiplink

HipLink Hosted service is a web-enabled, enterprise communication and alert notification solution that is offered as a SaaS. The portal areas include Forum, Knowledge Base, and Download Center which can be accessed with a single-sign-on (SSO). We have used a combination of commercially-available software platforms for the Forum and the Knowledge base.

Pathology Lab Integration

Lab Integration module is established to transfer HL7 messages between labs such as Quest Lab, LifePoint and Labcorp. These labs are fully integrated. HL7 message is generated for the patient by the TestCode and some ICD9 codes for particular lab with Insurance and guarantor details. Patient related HL7 message result is generated by the Window service installed for Quest Lab on production servers in PDF format and this PDF format can be viewable in the View order area.

Box API Software Integration

Box API software integration helps in automating the process of sending request with credentials to box API and receiving response containing information and token, with just a click on a windows executable(.exe) file. With the help of response received from Box API, we can perform various tasks for which we have been granted permission in that particular box account by the account owner.

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