AngularJS Framework Full potential unlocked

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. Google developers designed and developed this framework to simplify the front-end development. Angularjs application development has multiple frameworks and plugins for web developers to create web applications.  

HTML is great for declaring static documents but does not support the dynamic variables in a web app. AngularJS allows extending HTML for web applications. This framework is readable, expressive, and fast to develop. It is a tool set to build a framework that best suits the development process. This framework works well with other libraries also and is fully extensible. Each feature can be modified or replaced as per the development workflow.

AngularJS functions by splitting application logic from the data. This takes place on the client side and the client-side application structures by using filters, directives, bindings, and binding-specific operations. The data, HTML templates, and the logic work hand in hand to make the application work.

Let us discuss in a basic way the AngularJS framework.

Initial setup

Set up the website and include angular in the HTML code with JavaScript tag.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/angular/angular.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/angular/angular-resource.js"></script>


Modules in AngularJS help to fully encapsulate all the angular code of the web application into one entry point. They also help the web application to split into distinct parts that load and executes in various orders.

For setting up the angular app, the main layout file has the following code:

<html data-ng-app="YOUR_APP_NAME">

After this, include a JavaScript file on to the website and write the following code:

var testApp = angular.module('YOUR_APP_NAME', ['ngResource']);

The above code will create a global module for the web application. By this, the developer can create models, routes, filters, and directives. The variable testApp is accessible at any place within the application. The array [‘ngResource’] defines the other modules and dependencies that load before the activation of a module.


Bindings reduce the amount of HTML code and separate the application logic from the data. Angular originates with expressions which are as part of its general markup for HTML and are also bound to the scope variable where the data binding takes place. This will involve data binding, conditionals, two-way data binding,  model binding etc.

Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection (DI) loads the components, modules, and variables to several parts of the angular app. The components of the app get injected into the controllers, directives, resources, module configurations, filters, and routes.

Controllers and scope

Controllers are the place where the logic of your application resides. First, setting up the controller is very important. The below code shows the way controller is set:

app.controller('SomeCtrl', ['$scope', function($scope) {

 $scope.value = 'some value';


The $scope denotes the location where the controller gets hooked in the webpage. Also, any properties for the $scope variable will get evaluated within the webpage. 


An Angular Service is a comprehensive approach to abstract shared code and functionality across the web application. It ties straight into the dependency injection feature that angular framework provides and can be used directly instead of the module object.


AngularJS is a huge framework that includes various functionalities for the web application development. AnjularJS web application development has become quite popular in recent years as it advances a web user experience through simple navigation and information display. This framework is popular, dynamic, and also adaptable by many enterprises.

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