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The biggest pitfall the clients think today is trying to do something that hundreds of thousands of other people are already doing and failing. An entrepreneur generally suffers from shortage of designer and developer at the very starting stages of any iOS app development companies. A company that makes money from iPhone apps is the same general area as a company that makes money from Web apps.


1.    Ideas are a dime a dozen.  You can have the great ideas in your head but that is not going to make any difference.  The iPhone store is littered with the bones of awesome ideas. iOS app development companies are a master in creating great products with great execution. Again, the iPhone store is littered with the bones of awesome ideas.

2.    Creating just great products with great execution doesn’t make a company greater. The company needs to succeed from all aspects.  You must find yourself the nearest groups of people who are doing the same as you i.e. contacting ios developers and an iOS app development companies. This will probably share the common ideas, upgrade your skill and answers your Do’s and Don’ts.

3.    Most smartphones and tablets apps don’t make money. And he hardest thing is not development but marketing. Do not underestimate how challenging market is. so if you are counting on this endeavor to be your main income source, you are about to take a great risk. To reduce that risk, what you could consider doing is offering development services to other people or companies on a part-time basis while you are also developing your own apps under the guidance of your opted iOS app development company.

4.    For design and development you can find good designers and developers on places like , which also provides economical services.

5.    The iPhone App market is totally saturated, with zero room for new entrants. You have to contact one of the leading iOS app development companies that can work for you.

Windows phone’s app store has a thousand times fewer apps that the iPhone store. You have a better chance of appearing in search results and making sales by gaining benefit from the iOS app development company working for you.

6.    While contacting an iOS app development company, you must think about everything that has come together for an app to succeed, or even break-even when considering opportunity costs. Building a company is like only a part of the puzzle. Designing it, for any of value of design that doesn’t include: the entire user experience and business model, isn’t enough either.

7.    So, bottom line, start small, consider a company, contact that company, move quickly, examine the results, and repeat the cycle, either by iterating your exi9sting app, or starting a new one. If you size things right, you should be able to go through that cycle for more times. Budget a little money for ads and such.

That being said, any users you accrue are an asset that you can leverage in future releases, provided that someone else doesn’t end up controlling the apps/developer account. Even if the visual appearance of the company is OK, interaction design is a whole other story that matters a lot.

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