Our Firm


Our People

How many
What kind of skills
How do we work
When do we work
Where do we work
How do we hire
Can you hire our engineers directly?
What do we do for Fun

Our Sales Process

Will you sign an NDA and contract?
Will you sign a HIPAA BAA?
Will I own my code, copyright?
Will you respond to RFP?
Do you do fixed Bids?
Do you do a Time and Material contract?
Can I schedule a call before we get started?

Project Approach

Who manages the project?
How is the project managed?
When do I get updates?
Where is the project status updated?
What tools do you use to manage projects?
What Source control tools are used?
Software Testing tools and methods?

Costs & Schedule

What are your terms of engagement?
How much will it cost?
How long will it take?
How big projects can you handle?
What currencies do you accept?
Do you accept Bitcoin/crypto?

Project Experience

Have you done HIPAA compliant projects before?
Which Industries have you worked in?
Which technologies?
Which software stack?
Experience with Industry standards like SOC, HL7?
Which devices have you worked with?
Experience with iOT?

Hosting & Monitoring

Can you deploy on Google Cloud?
Can you deploy on Amazon AWS?
Can you deploy on Microsoft Azure, Office 365 tenant?
Can you configure Automated CI/CD pipelines to the cloud?
Can you build and deploy to Cloud functions?
Do you have experience with CDN, CloudFront, DNS etc?
Can you Manage and monitor our services?