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When we compare two platforms of app development, their pros and cons are taken into consideration to figure out which amongst the two has an upper hand over the other. One is distinguished from the other because of presence or absence of some or more elements which makes it better or more complicated than the other. HTML5 differs from native app development because of alternate reasons.

1) Speaking from market sources, HTML5 is more commonly recommended. However, it depends a good deal on the requirement of the user that decides which environment would suit their activity.

2) HTML5 is cross platform which is an indicator of availability of more benefits as compared to native apps. But when it comes to speed of performance, iOS and Android app development beats HTML5. Thus, native apps perform faster than HTML5 app.

3) But native apps seems to be good for a short term period. For long term tenure, HTML5 is more relevant and effective because Google ultimately needs to combine Chrome and Android OS which indicates the working of HTML5 in every mobile phones. This is the basic reason because of which HTML5 is mostly recommended other than Android app development.

4) When you continues to support your idea with a web app, HTML5 will make your task of development easy. On the other hand, if you desire for funky and eye rolling animations, you need to move for native app development.

5) Native app development provides you a strongly built environment and a tool for restoration process. But when it comes to controlling part, HTML5 reports its best level of performance. These are some basic point of view for comparing HTML5 app with other native app developments.

6) HTML5 is strongly recommended for web application because of its various advanced features like it executes standard web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, etc. As it works on every mobile phones, app creation on mobile has become quite easy and fast. Apart from the performance, its development cost is comparatively very low. It works across every platform by performing its advanced and multi functions.

7) But when it comes to native app development, its operation is performed only in specific platform such as Android or iOS. On the other hand its performance is quite outstanding due to its basic facilities of providing full access to the underlying device hardware.

8)  In native app development, the mobile apps operating and performance is superior to its hybrid equivalents and it assures the guarantee for consistency of UI elements along with the outlook of the working environment.

9)   After going through such distinction between HTML5 and native app development, you could easily be able to conclude that HTML5 apps are easier to develop, efficient to support, and relevant to cover the broadest range of device. On the other hand, native app development are obsolete and time consuming and the users need to login and get it downloaded from stores to get the latest version.

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