Ideal Development Process For iOS Apps

Mobile applications have modernized the information consuming processes via the internet. Today, the mobile applications we use are considered more of a utility tool rather than a simple computer program. From managing the finances to booking the movies tickets, mobile applications are easy to use. When it comes to developing an iOS application, it is more of a tedious and complex task. The iOS applications are gaining massive popularity day by day, and this is the reason why it is considered an extremely lucrative market. Developing an iOS application is an unpleasantly grueling process, from the development to actually publishing it; the road to developing an iOS application is more than it looks like. In this article, we are going to discuss about the ideal development process for iOS applications.

  • Wireframing and Design Concept

Well, no project can start without an idea as it lays the basic platform for what you are trying to build. Also, a good understanding of the user is also a must which is basically the target audience. An early wireframe of your application can help you to visualize how your application is going to look.

A wireframe is simply a visual architecture, hand drawn or otherwise. Moreover, it is necessary to provide all the information at the beginning of the designing process because once the development phase starts, it becomes impossible to add modifications to the app, it means, if you have to include that particular modification, then you have to again start from the beginning. (In-between, you have to decide an ideal budget for your application)

The Development phase

iOS Software Development Kit (iOS SDK) is used to develop iOS applications. Moreover, Swift, Apple’s patented programming language is where the application is coded. The iOS SDK is dependent on Xcode IDE which is only supported on Mac. Therefore, despite being an open source, Swift can only be operated in Mac operating system. Thus, if you are considering developing the iOS application without any complexity, then it is necessary that you use Mac operating system.

The factors affecting the development phase

During the development, you are required to keep an eye on those factors which you think can compromise all your development process. There are a number of things to be considered which can manipulate the effort and time drastically.

  • The visual elements

The more the application is heavily designed, the more difficult it gets to code.

  • Compatibility between different screens

Apple products vary in functionality and also come in different screen sizes be it the iPhone, iPad and more. Therefore, the application you create must feel compatible with any Apple screen.

  • You have to monitor the time consumed

When it comes to calculating how much time it would take to complete the actual development process of the app, then the answer would depend on the scope and complexity of the application. Moreover, the time can be broken into different phases based on the time taken to complete a single screen. And it would depend on some factors like the number of components used in the application such as the map view, tabs, and images. Hence, if the development process carried out with full potential, it would ideally take three-four days to complete a single screen.

Application testing and Publishing

The iOS application developed is the job half done. The cerebral pain comes when it is the time to test the application developed and getting it published in the app store. Based on the Apple’s App Review Guidelines, the application must pass all the obligations, or your app might face rejection. The reason for Apple not allowing giving a place in its app store would either it doesn’t do what it says, or it is filed with bugs.

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