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ASP.Net is not that difficult as it is rumored to be. It is simpler to learn but it is important to know what you are trying to achieve with that. The task can be complex but not too tough. The official site is a very good and has a community that assists you with resources and answers very quickly on Asp.Net Application Development. Some of the resources generally include MVC Site and Pro ASP.Net MVC 4.

Difficulty in ASP.NET MVC

1.    The Asp.Net MVC is a development framework for building web pages and web sites with CSS< HTML, JavaScript and server scripting. It supports three different development models, which includes: Web Pages, Model View Controller (abbreviated as MVC) and Web Forms.

2.    It is very easy to develop applications using ASP.Net MVC rather than ASP.Net Web forms. The starting step is to understand how a URL maps to a Controller Action, how to return a view and when to use a HttpPost or HttpGet.

3.     If you have a help controller with an Action called Index that would help you maps to HelpController. Once the action index is hit, you can return a view. Inside your view, you can specify which Model with @model ModelClass.

4.    It would mainly depend on what you already know. If you have a good grasp of HTML, CSS or some JavaScript and you have experience in object oriented programming then it is simply a matter of learning how the framework functions along with learning C# language. If you have no experience programming at all then you shouldn’t even be thinking about ant framework yet. First you will need to become reasonably proficient in writing code.

5.    ASP.Net MVC is not all difficult. It is very easy compared to Framework of any other languages. However you should have good skills and understanding of C#. Even if you think ASP.NET as difficult, there are few things that will help you make it easy for you and that are:

•   Visual Studio IDE: It is developed very nicely. It has a rich feature compared to any other IDE of other languages. It simply makes your work and learning more easily.
•  Intellisense: VS IDE comes with great intellisense support. It has a very rich Auto code Completion support and help. It will be great add-on help for you.
•   Online Documentation: Microsoft provides very nice and complete documentation. You are not required to buy any book. There are many writers giving you many books to read to master this subject at the same place.
•   Community: There is a rich and huge community to help you. So, you can easily start learning ASP.Net MVC immediately.

•    As related to jobs, there are more jobs available for Ruby development than that for Python development.

It will also depend on your work experience with ASP.Net WebForms. If you have already worked on it, then the only difference will be Routing, Limited UI controls to drag and drop and double clicking on button doesn’t generate code for click event and it has to be written manually. Even if you have not worked with ASP.Net WebForms then also it is not difficult.For all related queries, you can write us at Live Chat.

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