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HTML5 is a platform for rich Web Enterprise Application. In days to come, HTML5 can elevate its level be the next generation web platform gateway to be occupied by all major occupants including the tech-giant Microsoft.

Looking from the perspective of data centric application, the data are stored in some server and it requires to send this data through some web-service to mobile Application.

This is one of the causes for the shift of demand from native app to HTML5 and JSON communication. So, in reference to such merits, it would be justified to say that HTML5 is good for data centric application.

There are some available application framework that integrates with HTML5 which are as follows:
1.    Client- Based Ajax Framework

These frameworks are extensively built and based around writing of the codes so that it can run on the clients. The development of such a framework is pure JavaScript/HTML5. Active server pages like stateless web-service or other types of dynamic backend can be used to access and update the database.

Suitability: It is best suited for static websites and non-LOB applications but insecure for data centric LOB applications.

Advantages: The usability of HTML5 is maximum. It also ensures native client debugging and handles state.

Disadvantage: The security for this framework is vulnerable and it has no separation of business logic from webpage. The server load is increased by the error-prone and complex data binding between client and server.

2.    Client-Based Plug-In Framework

The application code is generated and compiled to a run-time module which is run in the browser with appropriate installed run-time environment known as the ‘plug-in’.

Similarly,active server pages like stateless web-service or other types of dynamic backend can be used to access and update the database.

Suitability: It is best suited for non-data centric apps such as local tools, games, media and editors.

Advantages: It is free from browser incompatibilities and have a good error debugging capability. It is an Object Oriented Development which ensures the availability of Java and .Net developers.

Disadvantage: The framework Is dependent on the user to download and install the plug-in. The multiple threads of activity creates a run-time overhead which increases the requirement of a high bandwidth.

3.    Server-Based Framework

Google’s GWT is one of the most prominent server based HTML5 compliant server globally used today. The coding, which is in pure Java, can be processed to generate JavaScript that runs in browser in an AJAX Framework.

Suitability: The security is complex with data centric LOB- application, while it is good for Non-LOB applications.

Advantages: It provides a good debugging tool at java stage and is optimized for HTML5. It is plug-in free and Object oriented development.

Disadvantage: It is complex and requires multiple programming skills. The security is vulnerable and there is no separation of business logic from the web-page.

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