Is it worth investing as a developer for Asp.Net Application Development? By Laitkor Infosolutions ASP.NET Application Development

In today’s era lots of new technologies have come up and still coming in market. MVC is getting more scope as compared to plain ASP.Net. So there is one option, if you are interested in Windows form application you can do WPF instead of having plain C# or VB.Net. But in all this new technologies of .Net you still face problems in getting job because of much competition. However, Asp.Net Application Development is always providing new features and scope for better programming / development.


1.  With ASP.Net, you can even build android apps with C#. Moreover its interfaces with XMLs are great. It is actually worth investing. Nowadays, most of the developers are turning their heads to .Net only, which mainly specifies ASP.Net and C#.

2.  ASP.Net and C# lessens the amount of code required to make large applications with security and safety. Moreover .Net gives better execution by exploiting early tying, local enhancement, just-in-time compilation, and caching benefits right out of the case.

3. When you are learning AsP.Net MVC, WebAPI, C#, Entity Framework, LINQ and TypeScript, you will never look back, and never use anything else for web development. It is the de facto platform for windows development & integrates so well with other Microsoft products, as a developer it is a plus to know .Net and to add your skills.

4.  This is the future stack going forward at least majority of consumers will be in enterprise domain. With new version of ASP.Net, more and more non-enterprise developers will use ASP.Net as well. So Of course it is worth investment.

5.   Or as a beginner developer you can use Microsoft Visual studios .Net framework without a license and later you can always license it. Get a hang of it and if you are not comfortable you can choose another framework. Investing in .Net Framework is worth as it has a very good functionality and is an easy development language. There are other frameworks like php and others which are free but as for a beginner developer .Net framework are too good and C# is a very friendly language. Try it and choose yourself who fits you the most.

6.    If you want to work in big teams, this is definitely the best choice to you. Microsoft took a big leap with C#, ASP.Net and Azure is a great combination. ASP.Net is server-side and is just doing very fine. There are always plenty of jobs of the job sites and this is what really counts.

7.    If you are looking for something to learn, this is a good one. Your value on the market will increase greatly if you know this platform and can code in it. You can find many jobs offers seeking for ASP.Net coders.

C# and ASP.Net combination is very powerful with the Azure cloud. And you can use it for client Apps as well for instance with Xamarin. For websites, backend and web apps you can use it with ASP.Net MVC projects and it is great match to create fantastic things.

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