Is ReactJS Changing Front-End Development

ReactJs, a powerful JavaScript library uses server-side rendering (SSR) with an exclusive twist that allows it to provide a solution that is performance-oriented and flexible for the “V” in MVC (Model View Controller). If you are looking for instant page loads in order to handle multiple dynamic contents, ReactJS is the best suited option for the same.

Here will talk about React and its role in the front-end development.

Going back to the time when the web development was in the nascent stage, PHP controlled the back-end activities and HTML pages for client-side. The web pages used to be less interactive and dynamic in comparison to the current web pages. But the communication between the server request and webpage was simple, direct, and fast.

At present, there is a change in the client-side activities which includes dynamic front-end, sleek desktop-like user experience, and interactive content. The additional client-side functions led to the increase in the implementation part on the client-side like screen load, blank white pages, and other performance issues, and waiting for the browser to download the JavaScript to render a page.

Facebook released React, an isomorphic JavaScript library during the year 2013. The React web designers used React to build sophisticated web apps.

React changes the front-end development as it works with Virtual DOM where a developer takes advantage of the inherent performance of Server Side Rendering (SSR). As against the traditional front-end development, wherein the developers will have to load the entire web page each time there was a change within the view.

React brings the power of SSR, isomorphic JavaScript, and component-based to modern web development. This React.js UI Framework is useful when the developer requires rendering large lists of data and dynamic content in a single view.


Yes, ReactJS has changed the front-end development owing to various factors. React web development is a component-based development which encapsulates with other technology stacks. It works with DOM API, and it enables the developer to describe the  UIs.

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