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Laitkor Info Solutions,  a software development company USA, is a known organization for providing Software, Custom programming and consulting service. We specialize in designing new applications and providing you all assistance related to apps, software, services and many more. Our projects are excellent in the field of e-commerce site, healthcare, Finance, government, retail, insurance, web marketing, social networking, Real estate, sports and travel. Some of our prominent customers are, ASHA, HipLink, SimplyDonate and others.

Services that Laitkor – Software Development Company provides

1.    Web Application Development

 ASP.NET  Application Development service:

•  It is a server side web development aims at web development to produce dynamic pages.
•  Project/Work:WBWorldPub, Knudger, PledgUp, SPI, iContract, J3Office and many more.

Custom PHP Development Service:

•  It is a great scripting language and ranks the top in Command line scripting that pulls PHP script even in the absence of server.
•  Project/work: PHP Web Development, PHP CMS Development, E-commerce Development, Porting and Migration and many others.

Python development:

•   Python is a programming language that helps you work faster and combine with your system more effectively and efficiently. It supports multiple programing including Object Oriented, imperative and functional programming.
•   Project/work:  Cloud9 IDE, API for Real time Sensor, Odoo development and many others.

Ruby on Rails Development:

•  This language is designed by eliminating the unnecessary codes and then using a natural syntax within reusable class level.
•  Project/Work:Cloops, Skating circle, Client lunch box, IVPL and many more.

2.    Mobile Apps

iPhone App Development:

•   Laitkor has iPhone developers with excellent skill with quality service to provide assistance to clients at the global level.
•   Project/Work: Mobile pay, Restaurant rating, Translator, Monitor blood pressure, E-mail alert, World trips and many more.

iPad App Development:

•   They provide high quality retina display with excellent audio and video feature. It has features for gaming apps and App for robotic kind of camera.
•   Project/Work: FreeWaiver, Halloween swamp, Chawser.

Android Apps development:

•  Laitkor provides high quality app designing and expanded services to apps in the field of Education apps, Music apps, gaming and Travelling Apps.
•  Project/Work: DodAggregator, ZooGrab, SnowApp and many others.


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