Why should you look at using Node JS for your development?

Still not using Node JS? Are you stuck with using client frameworks that are rich and server side APIs that typically using JSON? You should be conversant with jQuery then and also be good at translating the logic from your JS framework to your server side and translate the data to your server side objects and so on. Your work could get a whole lot simpler with Node JS and here’s how! Read on to learn why you should look at Node.Js development for your application and how it can help you.

#1: JavaScript knowledge will most definitely help you

You are already an expert at JS! It is ruling the roost today and it is here to stay. Node is yet another JavaScript language that can comes with a lot of advantages and learning it can be very easy for you as you are already familiar with JavaScript. With Node.JS, you can use JavaScript on the client, server and even the database! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

#2: It’s pretty fast and comes with a lot of tools

We prefer working on Node.Js development for its speed and the incredible tooling options it comes with! You must’ve surely heard of the NPM (Node Package Manager). NPM isn’t just fast, it is robust and helps with global installs, project dependencies and isolates projects too. Grunt, gulp, broccoli and of course brunch are task runners that help with builds and are pretty good too!

As to why Node is fast, it actually handles I/O operations asynchronously with a single threaded event loop. Thus, reading/writing and other I/O operations are pretty fast in Node and this is a boon for developers as it helps them build scalable network applications.

#3: Community support and corporate caretakers

Node is an extremely popular JS framework and the community support for it is incredible. Whatever be your doubts or problems, you can always get someone to answer it at a variety of different forums. This makes learning very easy. Also, it is currently being sponsored and taken care of by a dedicated corporate team and thus the problems associated with typical open source projects aren’t see here. This is a boon for Node.Js developers as they don’t have to worry about the framework being abandoned in the near future.

#4: Data Streaming

If you are developing a web application, you have to worry about data streaming and almost all of this deals with I/O streams. Node as we have already established is excellent when it comes to handling I/O and is particularly famous for it. In fact, with Node you can read/write data streams to web sockets as well as HTTP and this is a great advantage to have for Node.Js developers.

Node.JS finds a variety of uses in server-side web applications for the above advantages and in cases where there isn’t much of CPU intensive computation, the development is relatively easy when compared to other platforms. Node based applications are search engine friendly. Just remember that Node.Js wasn’t created to solve computing scaling problems and use it wisely. It’s major plus is that it addresses the I/O scaling problem and thus it should be used to create n/w applications that are scalable, robust and fast.

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