Which one is better: Java or .Net?

Both are equally good and it solely depends on the purpose of your project and its requirements. Making a SRS would possibly help you get a clear picture of what are the functional and non-functional requirements of your project, and will let you choose a better language for implementation part be it .Net or Java or any other language. Java is evergreen language, but .Net is still growing faster that leads to more of .Net Application Development.

The better one

1. You can’t compare Java and .Net directly since Java is a language and .Net is an environment / framework. But you can compare Java and C# or J2EE and .Net. To select the better one, it would totally depend on what you are doing. If you wanted to write a large database application to run on Windows Server, then C# on .Net would be the better choice. If you wanted to run on Android phones, then Java / Android environment would be a better choice.

3.   Once you feel you are proficient in Java, you can learn the advanced topics like Object serialization, Multithreading, parallel programming. Do learn GUI topics as well and don’t only read theories. You need to study codes and try to understand the logic behind them then you can write codes.

5.  .Net has less historical baggage and therefore is considered by some as a cleaner language. Java on the other hand has a larger open source ecosystem, and the reference implementation runs on all kinds of devices and operating systems.

2.  Java is a language while .Net is a framework. You should learn java first and have a grasp on the basics of Object Oriented Programming. Learning C# would be a bad decision because there are simply so many things and some of them are really complicated to understand at first.

4.   Once you feel you’ve mastered Java, move on C#. Learn language and framework. It will be a piece of cake once you master Java! But the vice versa is not just possible.

6.   First, try to understand the main difference between Java and .Net as a programming language and framework respectively. Both .Net and Java is used for web development and in .Net framework you have options to choose difference languages like C++ and VB. When it comes to easiness, obviously .Net is easy to study and work.

If you are clear with them and have right problem solving skills, you can use any one of them. In case you are beginner and making a choice to get started than you should go with Java. Java may give you strong basics as you will have to write everything from scratch and has a wider market too. But .Net supports multiple Languages but Java is not.

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