Positives and Negatives of Angular Development

AngularJS, a JavaScript framework was designed and developed by Google developers to simplify front-end development. Many developers prefer this framework as it is suitable for a dynamic web application. A few of the famous brands that have made use of this framework are video streaming applications like YouTube and Netflix, travel apps, user-review apps etc.

Positives and Negatives of Angular JS application development

Any platform or technology comes  with its own pros and cons and it someway makes it complete.

  • Fast delivery and prototyping of dashboard-style which permits to create dynamic single-page
  • Simple development in comparison with other application development like React, Backbone, and Knockout
  • Involves minimal coding
  • Testing of the application is smooth
  • Suited for those applications with interactive client-side coding
  • Dependency injection
  • Two-way data binding
  • Extends and stretches HTML coding
  • Rapid and smooth prototyping

With so many benefits, Angular JS is the preferred framework for developers. But there are a few drawbacks as well.

The Negatives of Angular JS

  • At its primary stages, it is easy to learn Angular JS. As you progress towards the advanced stages, the learning becomes difficult.
  • Some features of this framework are quite complex. First-time developers will find it difficult to work with values, factories, and DI.
  • Documentation needs some development.
  • Despite being dynamic and powerful, directives are extremely difficult to operate.
  • After Bootstrap, developers will have a tough time to configure the framework.
  • It has limited router connections.
  • There exist few problems in search engine indexing.


Even though the Angular JS application development has a few disadvantages, it is the most preferred choice for web app development. You can create high-end apps using this framework.

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