Background Story and Requirements

The requirement is for the C# programming language to sign PDFs with a digital pen in an Azure web application. The added requirement is to incorporate the facility of adding photos directly from the device or the webcam. The system is to be implemented in an existing record management system. The job is needed to be taken care of by a software developer with adequate knowledge in Azure web applications and c#. 

Microsoft Azure App Service

Our Prior Experience 

We created an application in C# where digital signature technology was implemented for PDF. 

There was another application where the users could sign and save the waivers online before the event. 

Azure is also not an issue as we had recently worked on an international SaaS-System to organize the database architecture based on Microsoft Azure. The System was developed in such a way to be able to run with more than 50.000 databases per country, in 10 countries and 3 regions including Europe, America, India of the world. Every customer had less than 20.000 datasets.

With this experience in hand, we could easily address this problem of the client and write success stories for them.

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