Background Story 

The requirement was for an advanced level developer or a team of developers with adequate experience in iOS and Android applications that interface with a browser-based website connected to a database.

This scheduling app/software is to revolutionize how managers schedule their staff and how they fill empty or abandoned shifts. Another more expansive use of the concept is discovered that will explode its adoption.

The project consists of 11 screens. This is not a one-time project. Versions 2 and 3 have been sketched out. Features for version 4 are being brainstormed. It is the intent to dedicate a strong % of monthly gross revenues to ongoing development.

Scheduling App for Business


Due to the highly competitive nature of this type of project anyone interested in preparing a proposal for doing the work will be required to sign and return an NDA.

On submission of the signed NDA, the client will forward flow charts and sample IOS screenshots as well as a verbal description of how the app/software will function.

The client is looking for a person or group of people who can help make this the most exciting and advanced/forward-thinking SaaS that exists today.

Their software/apps will have much of the same functionality as the following competing programs, but theirs will be more advanced and work much differently.

Our Experience to Solve This Problem 

Our team of experts includes .Net, Php, ROR, and Native mobile app developers. We as a team have all expertise as not only we have developed dynamic SaaS projects but also have hosted and maintained apps on Cloud. 

We did a scheduling app for one Australian client who was in Shipping Industry. The app is used to interact with data services exposed by the Microsoft CRM server and is used by ship pilots employed by the company to notify the schedule and to perform some other standard CRUD operations.

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