The client has a very specific set of requirements and they are searching for a developer who can create an Android app based on that.

Overview of the Project

This app/software will be installed on a tablet operated on an Android operating system. The tablet will have one purpose and that is to electronically record the moves of a chess game, save the information to the device in a game library, and transmit this data in the form of a chess viewing file like a png file and ensure its real-time view on a webpage.

Android App to turn a tablet into a single use device

The tablet should be locked out from running other software. Access to the settings/wifi should come from the app itself. No other apps, browsers, etc. should be operational from the device once this has been loaded onto it.

Detailed Requirements 

The client is seeking someone who can write code for this app, assist with loading the software onto the tablet by not allowing any other functions other than wifi (and possibly a thumb drive to transfer files to a computer to work), and helping in the set up of the webpage where the live games can be displayed in real-time. Once running, visitors will be able to pay for access to specific games as they are played live.

The client is open to ideas to make this project run as long as the basic function of the app, which is running on a handheld device such as a tablet is intact. He wants us to share any better ideas to perform the job at ease.

Our Experience 

We developed an iPad app having similarity to Chess. With some assumptions, we have prepared a proposal for the app exactly the way you have mentioned the requirement. We have a team of Android developers who have more than 8 years of rich experience in Android and related technologies. We are experienced in 3rd party API integration with native Android projects along with the creation of API/web services that are required mostly in all mobile applications.

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