The client is looking for an experienced ASP.NET developer that can create a middleware application that sits between a trading exchange with an API interface and their Windows-based automated trading platform. ASP.NET C# examples are available from the trading exchange. The client’s trading platform has a DLL interface that programmatically exposes certain functions. 

ASP.NET Middleware Application

The goal is to interface the unsupported exchange with their trading platform so that users can trade and run automated trading strategies.

The client foresees the project consisting of different phases/milestones:

  1. Discovery and requirements, explaining how the functions will be implemented
  2. Populating market data in their trading platform
  3. Populating account and position data
  4. Implementing the ability to trade/place orders

The deliverable must include well-documented source code, instructions, etc. The project must include exclusive and complete ownership rights to the code and application.

Our Experience 

We created an application for a client in the trading business. The project relates to a large and somewhat complex Excel file. The macros within the file carry out a range of calculations. We developed an application in C# that can replicate the functions carried out by the Excel macros. 

API interface is also not an issue. Here is a list of APIs they have either created or consumed 

We have built similar charting platforms with API from CBOE

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