The client needs a node script set up to request domain create domain create mail records get certificate create s3 buckets create cloud front distribution. 

What is AWS Scripting/ S3 Creation 

Scripting is an easy way to automate planned tasks. You can start and stop EC2 instances when you don't need your apps and services with simple script tools provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS script for domain/S3 creation

The objects of Amazon S3 are CSV or text files. All Amazon S3 file fields are string data type with an unalterable and precise data format of 256. Data is written in String 256 format for Amazon S3 text files.

Our Experience and Solution

We have got a rich 5 years of experience in developing applications using Angular/Node.js. Our experience in node.js ranges from webrtc apps built on S3 to a real time military security app catering to thousands of requests per second. It uses mongoDB backend wrapped with performance oriented logic to cache and reuse data in order to minimize writes. 

Creating a script in Node Js for request domain, create domain, create s3 buckets, create cloud front distribution will not be a tricky job to do as there are several API's available using which we can perform all the mentioned tasks asked by the client.

We have got decent experience in creating the domain and implemented the same in one of our recent projects named Medical Practise Management/EMR Solution.

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