The client is looking for a BPM expert to assist in implementing, and deploying a workflow within the Bonitasoft BPM community edition.

The client asked us about:

  1. How long to implement, including setting up the necessary forms and API to start the process from an HTTP post.
  2. Our experience level with Bonitasoft
BPM Workflow Process Setup Bonitasoft

Our Experience and Approach 

We have a team of Java developers with a pool of experience. Here is how we can address the problems of the clients. 

Process to develop:

  1. create a diagram 
  2. Define variables
  3. Create forms 
  4. Specify actors
  5. Configure the process
  6. Run the process to test it

Tasks Involved:

  1. Check-In- For Login users 
  2. Notify Referral Source- Assuming to notify relevant departments
  3. Notify Patient of Start- Assuming to notify relevant patients.
  4. Check Documentation- Document verification
  5. Documentation is Complete- Condition to check
  • if YES then Go to (7)
  • if NO then Go to (6)
  1. Documentation Collection Sub Process
  2. Enter Order in BT
  3. Fulfill Order - Process done and generate id [sid-EE08BDD9-04AD-494B-90C4-9599BB0513D2]

Hence, we could easily take up the project and address the challenges successfully.

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