Background Story 

The client is looking for a C# developer to create a clocking-in-time machine application. There is an existing VB .Net application that needs to be rewritten with C# .net desktop application.

Clocking in Time machine


It must be able to log the date/time of when a staff member checks in or out using an input. When a staff member checks in or out the app must also take a photo using the built-in PC camera and it will save the photos into an AWS S3 bucket. The video feed for the camera also needs to be part of the app’s user interface.

They have some additional questions:

  • Whether we can convert an existing VB app into c# or not
  • Whether we can connect directly to an MS SQL server backend or not
  • Our experience in spoken and written English

Our Experience 

We have created a desktop application for employee time tracking. The application automatically takes a screenshot of the workstation and uploads it on the cloud, for the concerned department to view. 

Capturing the image belongs to our expertise; we have created an application to detect the presence of employees at their workstations in order to calculate their working hours.

We have also created a time clocking system for in-house requirements which is used to track the in and out time of the employees. 

Answers to client’s questions

We have recently converted an electronic medical system, written in Dev Express and SQLServer to and Dev Express. We have connected a remote SQL server.

We are a software consulting firm in Silicon Valley California and so we have harnessed the English language quite well.

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