Background Story

The requirement is to design or create a Mobile Responsive Website (Mobile Priority) for Registration which will eventually evolve into an app. It is the responsibility to create a portal for the Group Organiser and their team to all pre-register before their paintball game day.

When the booking process is complete the Group Organiser is emailed/ text a link to their group portal to help all participants register and view the video, Saftey Brief.

Once all group members have completed this registration and safety brief on the online portal they will be marked with a green tick and when the whole group has green ticks they will qualify for Fast Break access to the site on game day and be out playing quicker.

User Registration Website

Requirements in Nutshell 

  • Priority is that the website is mobile responsive- may also be used on a desktop but mainly will be mobile
  • Be Delta Force branded
  • Simple to use- very user friendly and intuitive

Our Possible Approach

We worked on a Gaming competition website being developed in Laravel framework with Angular JS / JQuery as Front-end technology. This game competition website is quite similar to the client’s requirement as it is completely mobile responsive and has features matching the description above. Likewise to the requirements, in this app as well the Admin creates and organizes the game and once the game is added, the user can signup and create a team for that particular game by paying a subscription charge. 

Ergo, we would handle the project at ease fulfilling all requirements of the client.

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