The client would like a web-based application that will allow the user to upload data to create shipping labels for boxes.

This application will allow the user to upload an excel file. From the file, the application will apply and arrange the data into a preset printing layout on a 4 x 6-inch form.

From the fields, it will then allow the user to select how many of each type of label is needed and also print the total box count.

Would like the company to be familiar with shipping and have had a similar experience with creating online-based applications.

Print Shipping Labels

Our Experience 

We have developed quite a few web applications in which printing labels for inventory items were required, mentioned two below:

This project was for an Irish client for their fishing company. This project is used to manage inventories, companies, invoices, labels, barcodes, etc. The admin of the application made the entry of the fish containers and generates a label for each container. The buyer of the fish containers scans the label and pays the amount for the containers to buy the fish containers.

Technology: VB.Net, Windows Forms, Telerik Controls

This project was also for an Irish client who runs a snack selling company. The project is used to generate labels for snack containers. The label contains the data like- Product Price, Product weight, Mfg Date, Expiry Date, Bar-code, Company Name, etc.

Technology: VB.Net, Windows Forms

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