The client approached us for a custom WordPress functionality. 

Basics of the system:

  • Visitors to submit a form (Abstract -> CPT)
  • Admins will assign them to Judges (users)
  • Judges will log in and score them
  • Features of exporting / reporting / notification 
  • A plugin of the latest version of WordPress for internal usages.
Custom Wordpres Functionality Plugin

The client asked for our past experience in integrating the CUSTOM functionality for WordPress. 

Our Experience 

We have developed a membership management plug-in for WordPress which provides membership tools to automatically give access to blog posts on a pre-determined amount of days to the members. It also allows administrators to create and share content for their registered members. User pays for access to membership for tutorial/videos/blog as per the plan specified. 

Another was the membership management plug-in and another was a match-making plugin for WordPress websites called "Vero Match". Customers who use this plugin can add matchmaking functionality between BuddyPress members. So one member can find out who all members match the criteria he selected, can pick matches from a list, and contact them. 

Hence, this project is within our reach.

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