The client is working with a Joomla component named: ConfigBox. This component makes it possible to sell products online and lets the buyers configure the variety of products before purchase in the new online print store. They need to style the configurator page and make a few changes. 

Customize & Style Joomla Configurator Component

They put on some queries: 

  • Whether we are familiar with the ConfigBox extension or not. 
  • How we work with the backups.
  • How much time we would take. 
  • And, our experience. 

Our Approach

Backups are used to restore the website on a live site crash for any reason. For Backup, we use many methods. The process depends upon which methods we use. Mostly server automatic creating File and Database Backup based on your hosting provider.

Easter Rabbit and Joomla are parts of our expertise. We have developed in PHP, Joomla & WordPress.

The product scans the sites entered for various malware found using the scanners like Nmap port Scanner, OpenVas Vulnerability Scanner, Nikto Web Scanner, SQL Injection Test, WordPress Security Scan, Blind Elephant Scanner, etc.

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