Background Story 

The requirements are for an online CRM software that will be coded under ASP. Net technology. It is a law firm that needs a secure method to keep the database of the clientele accessible online. There should be a secure website for the team members to log in and access the client’s information, activity logs, entry time and document creation, etc with the help of multi-relational database tables. 

CRM Software

There should be a simplistic approach to the database design and table relationships. The design was already created and it needed to be ‘live’ with adequate programming. The site would also have a dashboard showing recent activities along with various calculation fields for efficiency, revenue, etc. The system would also have reports to be generated by the metrics and sorted by various fields.

The preference is for a programmer with HotDocs experience for document creation and handling the base system and running with the ability to work and add reports and functionality as necessary.

What we can do

Here are the paid tools we can use

1. Microsoft Dynamic CRM 

This tool is developed by Microsoft. Following are the features of MS Dynamic CRM-

  1. Centralize customer information
  2. Automate marketing interactions
  3. Provide business intelligence
  4. Facilitate communications
  5. Track sales opportunities
  6. Analyze data
  7. Enable responsive customer service etc

2. Microsoft Azure 

This tool is also developed by Microsoft. Following are the features-

  1. Use an open and flexible cloud service platform
  2. Scale as you need, pay as you go
  3. Protect your data
  4. Run your apps anywhere etc

Also, we can use free CRM tool like


Umbraco is a free open-source CRM tool that we can use for our organizational requirements. It needs to be specified which CRM tool can be used so that we can give a proper estimate.

We used Hot Docs earlier, so we can use that to serve the purpose.

Using HotDocs we created customized, repeat documentation that helped businesses to control the content and drastically reduce the amount of time taken to produce documents.

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