The client is in a Construction business and wants us to create custom software to accelerate the process. 

They like a few platforms now and would like to find ways to either integrate them via the API to create a custom platform for their company.

Construction Management Software

Features of products they want us to integrate:


  • Project Management Platform
  • They like the ability to create workspaces
  • Workspaces are defined as Macro Tasks
  • Project Management
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • They like the ability to filter through items


  • Their Sales CRM
  • They like the Drag and Drop interface
  • They like the Rotten Deal interface

Google Sheets: 

  • They like the functionality of google sheets better than Podio, but they cannot consolidate these sheets as well as they’d like, and they have an issue with archiving documents and giving limited access to certain staff members.


  • Their Main Communication Hub
  • They like notifications and the mentions that are here. No problems whatsoever with Slack

Their objective was to 

  • Eliminate Excess/Duplicate Data Entry
  • Consolidate platforms and views
  • Take better control of our Data
  • Easy/Friendly Dashboard for reporting & charts and overall functionality

Requirements for the Custom Software 

The software should be capable of using in:

  • Project Management
  • Estimating
  • Subcontractor management
  • Client Portal / Comm channels
  • Project Scheduling
  • Gantt Chart
  • Calendar View
  • Photo Management
  • Sales/Marketing - CRM
  • Proposal Creation
  • Vendor Management system
  • Employee Backend
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Internal chat system
  • password management
  • task management 
  • knowledge base/FAQ base
  • team documentation
  • email system (possibly)
  • phone system integration (possibly)

They had some questions for us: 

  • Our past experience in similar projects 
  • Preference of our coding languages to suitable for these requirements 

Our Experience 

We have a team of PHP experts who have built & customized many applications. They have expertise in the following MVCs and CMSs in PHP - CakePHP, Laravel, Codeginator using MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, etc. Our team is also proficient in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and related technologies well.

After going through the requirements we created a draft of the functionalities required: 

  • There should be proper login/logout/forget-password/remember-me options for all users of different profiles
  • They should have different dashboards with different data. 
  • We also need to integrate APIs, manage data flow. 
  • It also requires a chat service so that the people can easily discuss projects and other important things there.

We have designed and managed many real estate projects. We think that the creation of a dashboard based on different user type will be the most time taking task as we have to integrate all functionality there

As per our experience, we suggest the coding language to be PHP as we will easily integrate API there. We have quite a lot of experience of customization websites in it

Also, we think that we can use Mattermost for providing a chat facility as it is open-source software that we can customize as per your requirement.

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