Background Story

Develop an editor as an project to allow a user to build/edit front-end GUI for creating Microsoft Webforms & Also Winforms.

The target files that are compatible with the editor should be edited in MS Visual Studio. The toolbox shall update to the list of user controls in the form opened.

It should work with the latest .NET framework & Builds in the latest MS Visual Studio.

GUI editor using ASP.Net


We are asked to provide training to the client for at least 8 hours to explain the coding topology structure made in the project & also help encapsulate it into their code project successfully.

The following milestones will be used: 

Development and delivery of ASP.NET Webform prototype Develop and VB.NET Winform prototype. 

We need to complete the source code with detailed documentation for this project that needs to be submitted on a daily basis.

The code and all deliverables will become their property.

Timeframe Required 

The client expected a week of delivery from our end after the award. However, they asked us to provide rough milestones tied to payments. 

Our Experience 

We have recently worked on a project for a client using Editor with It was basically a GUI editor with records of patients to store various information. There is a long list of ASP.NET development work that we have completed successfully. 

We can provide training as well to explain the coding topology structure made in the project and also help encapsulate it into our code project successfully. 

You can have a look at our design portfolio which is self-explanatory why you should hire us. Our designs speak for themselves, and our clients acknowledge our personal service, expert knowledge, and on-time delivery

We can fulfill all the requirements and can support the project on GIT, SVN TFS etc.

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