The client needs to develop a mobile app for their clients (i.e. property owners and body corporates, tenants and other stakeholders). They need an app for both iOS and Android, suitable for all smart devices. The app basically links to Blueberry's various portals, which it simply loads into a frame, and has relatively few native screens. The focus should be on the push notification system, which they aim to use as an important tool to communicate to their stakeholders.

Property Management App

The Requirements 

The welcome screen: It asks two simple questions, the first one is answered with a simple dropdown, and the second one with a suggested search field. They need to manage the options for the second questions (i.e. a list of properties). This information is saved and used to determine who to send what push notification to. The app should immediately ask whether it is allowed to send push notifications. They want us to find a place in the app where people can update this information - this can be a little hidden though.

Dashboard: This presents an overview of the various modules in the app. The client wants us to add new ones and grey them out, or update individual components of the app by creating a native portal.

Sidebar Menu: Clicking on the 'menu'-icon on the left-top anywhere in the app causes the sidebar menu to open up, which presents a list of all modules (identical to the dashboard) and allows you to easily switch between modules. They need us to create a nice animation so that it can open smoothly. 

Our Properties: This shows a list of properties inside the app, which links to their respective websites.

About Blueberry Group: It presents information about Blueberry Group in the app as per attached design. When clicking on the tabs the tab moves up or down using a nice animation to reveal new information.

Latest News: The news will be loaded from the website using an RSS feed. When clicking on an article users should be able to read the entire article inside the app.

Contact: There should be contact details and a contact form. A form submission sends the contents to an email address.

Push Notifications: The client would like to send push notifications to specific groups of users based on the information they entered on the welcome screen. For example, once a month all property owners and body corporates receive a report, which is available in the 'Property Reporting' section. They would like to send them a push notification when it's available. Another example could be to send all tenants a message about purchasing electricity through the app. Or perhaps send a notice to all people interested in a particular property that the electricity will be off due to load shedding.

Our Relevant Experience 

We are a software consulting company having offices in the US, Ireland and India. We have a team of Mobile developers having expertise in iOS 9.3.2 and Android 6 Marshmallow as well as dedicated software engineers having expertise in Php, .Net, RoR etc. We have successfully deployed/developed many clean native apps. As per the requirement mentioned, we can share a ballpark estimate with line items and time required to build 2 native apps. 


Our team (both iOS and Android) has just completed the GPS based native apps, so our timeline for completing this project would be - 25 working days from the date of awarding this project to us. However, the timeline proposed here can be delayed if there is a change in tasks/assumptions marked/defined in the shared proposal.

Other Genres for Apps 

We have developed quite a few Native applications, as well as some other hybrid apps. We have developed a Where to Hunt app. This app is for assisting hunters during hunt seasons. It has live tracking, push notification and in-app purchase. Hence, we are confident that we can address the problems and meet the client’s expectations successfully.

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