The objective of the project is to create a multi vendor marketplace for wholesaling of fruits and vegetables using the SHARETRIBE platform, with these characteristics:

Register for suppliers: External suppliers must be able to register and easily create their product listings.

  • Search function for buyers
  • Reputation system of both sellers and buyers. 

Commission fee: As the owner of the marketplace, revenue will be generated by charging a commission on sales.

Marketplace with Sharetribe

Our Experience to Address the Requirements

We developed a Sharetribe market place for our purposes. Another was for a client who has a Sharetribe marketplace website, developed in RoR and wanted to integrate PayPal API into it. We used adaptive payments on PayPal and later put it on the client's hosting where he can see the live marketplace.

We also implemented Sharetribe Facebook login and fixed an issue with the image display.

Cloud APIs most commonly expose their features via REST and/or SOAP. Accessing and managing data via an API requires a significant amount of coding as well as maintenance due to frequent API modifications and updates, We have relevant experience in the same and we did several projects successfully. 

We have a .Net MVC, C#, SQL server specialised team with 10+ years of experience and have carried out a lot of projects successfully.

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