The requirement is for the development of a web-based digital health platform in the field of mHealth. The platform should allow users to interact with health advisors in 1-on-1 (text messages, voice, or video). Users should relieve individualized recommendations according to actively (questionnaire) and passively (pedometer of smartphones) gathered data. Over time the personal health advisor should be substituted with digital algorithms to give individualized recommendations for personal health.

Health Platform

Functionalities Required 

Users would come to the application and undergo the registration process. During the registration process, there would be a questionnaire based on Medical, Functional, Cognitive and Behavioral aspects.

The system would analyze all the aspects and generate the recommendation. We would allow the user to communicate with the Medical Advisor, who would provide his feedback to the system based on communication done with the user.

The system would perform the modification in recommendations if required and would transmit the same to the medical advisor.

The recommendation would again go under the surveillance of the medical representative where he would perform the additional adjustment and would save it in the system, after which the system would show the recommendation to the user. 

What we can do 

  • That would be a prototype of an AI-health-platform targeting one specific chronic disease at first

  • The platform would be accessible via web browser, iOS, and android app

  • The code and development of the ai recommendation system would be planned in further development

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