The client is looking for a developer who can take a modern, 64-bit Swift iOS app and integrate the following into it:

  1. pull a 'letter' via an API to display to the guest. This Letter is stored on their servers as a template. An example of the Letter name would be 'Registration_123456'. The event to open the Letter will be triggered by the iOS app by querying the API to 'get' the Letter awaiting the iOS app.
  2. This project will then open that file on the iOS device, allowing scrolling from top to bottom for legibility, and direct the user to a place to 'sign' the document.
  3. The signature will be saved with the document (prefer a PDF with the original doc merged with the signature image) and the time/date and geo-location saved with the resulting PDF (.docx or . RTFD is fine).
Digital Signature Capture on iOS Added to an App

The saving event will name the document what the API gave it during the document 'handoff', such as 'registration_123456'.

  1. The PDF will then be saved to a DropBox account. The ID and Password for the DropBox account will be provided to the app developer in a settings file.
  2. The app will then post back to our server, via an API, the name of the saved file in DropBox to confirm the DropBox 'save action' was fulfilled.

Our Experience 

We worked on a couple of projects which has similarities to the requirements like we handled the task of file parsing and saving to database from box account. This Application consists of two parts: (1) WebApp and (2) ClientApp. The Webapp acts as a REST service hosted on the webserver, which gets called by the client app. The purpose of the client app is to authenticate the user to access the BOX. Once the client app authenticates the user successfully, the REST service URL gets called and everything is processed at the webserver and then in another iOS app, we implemented Digital Signature. 

We are a team of developers having expertise in platforms - .Net/C#, Php, ROR, iOS & Android Native development.

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