Hangar is an online portal for commercial drone users, developers, and platform builders. Hangar provides access to everything users need to be a part of the Windhover ecosystem. Ecosystem users will come to the Windhover Hangar portal and download the Workshop configured for the platform of their choice. From there they can begin enjoying all the benefits of being part of the Windhover ecosystem.

Drone Software Development Portal

Hangar components -Artifact warehouse for the Windhover Ecosystem Software Pedigree - All software in the Windhover ecosystem has a documented pedigree associated with its classification and certification level. Hangar houses the artifacts associated with the software including:

  • Requirements
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Source Code
  • Configuration Data
  • Tests
  • Test Reports -User Application App Store - Windhover compliant applications can be shared, purchased, downloaded, updated, and reviewed.
    -Cloud-Based Application Engine - Python and JavaScript-capable application engine with programmer interfaces to vehicle command and telemetry. -Web-Based Build System - Create your own custom-build based on existing Windhover compliant builds for each supported avionics platform. -Developer Forums - Share and learn from other developers in the Windhover ecosystem. Interact directly with Windhover Labs developers and support personnel. -Source Code Exchange - Get access to all the code in the Windhover ecosystem. This includes Windhover Labs developed open source as well as user-supplied applications and libraries.

Users get the applications they need to customize their drone, ground system, and cloud for their particular mission. Developers find source code, a cloud-based application engine, and valuable advice. Drone platform providers collaborate with Windhover Labs to create Airliner applications and build systems for their avionics platforms. Others can then use these builds as launch pads for future innovations.

When Hangar is finished it will be a fully populated website with a growing community of users. Workshop downloads will connect a community of operators and developers to the Hangar where they can keep their platforms up to date, check certifications of all their software, download new applications and even contribute their own applications. The Windhover Hangar will be ready for use during Phase II and will be fully populated with the first version of the Checkride certified Windhover product line by the end of the overall project.

The Hangar website developed is scheduled to be completed in June of 2018 with all the above capabilities. This initial project is focused on a very small piece of the overall functionality and will be used to evaluate the freelancer and decide on future involvement in the larger project. Please restrict your proposals to the limited scope defined below. The overall vision is only provided for more context.

Current Project Scope The initial project will focus on creating a content management system for the requirements data and metadata. This first project will serve as a trial for selecting a freelancer for the follow on projects that complete the Hangar website.

The project is considered complete when the capability has been deployed and tested against the requirements. Please recommend a hosting solution and they will accommodate access to the recommended platform. They envision the initial load on the system to be on the order of a dozen users and 100,000 items being managed in the database. Then growth to 10x that by following a successful deployment at year’s end.

We are open to a customized commercial-off-the-shelf content management system or a fully customized solution. Please include in your proposal the rationale used for deciding to go one way vs. the other.

The specific development goal of this initial project is to allow the website users to create a requirements report that displays the requirements data. It will also allow them to manage and update the requirements data. 

Our Experience 

We have developed an app that synchronizes Arduino with VLC Media Player. Arduino Sketch sends commands to the Operating System which then is handled by a Python Script. If Arduino gives the command “play_video” or “exit” then this command is written in the buffer via the port. 

We have built a custom CMS in ASP.Net with the following features: 

(a) Ability to create/edit/delete pages for website

(b) Manage registered users

(c) View site analytic

(d) Create Product Categories and Products with details (image, description, price)

(e) Create custom forms for these Products (fields that capture additional information on purchase of particular Products)

We can also use some open source CMS and can customize them as per the needs. Calculating values is not an issue as well. We have developed an app for weather forecasts which calculates precipitation, wind speed, humidity, rain, temperature, etc and predicts snowfall in 100+ resorts all over Canada. 

The requirements the client has are completely doable by us.

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