The requirement is a (vs2012) program that is used in parallel with other email software to read, sort, store, and send emails.


  • Compatible with Exchange Server, Lotus Domino Server, and another popular mail server
  • Allow users to set multiple email account information
  • Access the email server to read new email, then sort/ filter and store in MySQL database
  • Store any attachment in a designated folder
  • Allow searching the stored email and displaying the content
  • Allow users to create and send an email, and then store the email in the MySQL database (the email will be seen in the sent folder of the Exchange Server email account)
  • Allow users to create the email in HTML or plain text format
  • Access the calendar and task repository and update the information into the MySQL database
Email Application

Our Experience and Approach

We created an application sender, where attachments are being stored at a particular location. This application's work is to send the tiff file present in a specific folder as an attachment through emails. 

We have done projects and web applications where real-time emails and scheduled emails are sent. In projects like I-contracts, emails are being sent at various operations like when the user is invited and his or her role is changed and when notifications are required to be sent when Activity is started etc.

Another project where an email system has been implemented is Inventory Management System where whenever an employee wants to use any smart item like iPad, iPod, Laptop, headphones, etc. he needs to apply for the same by logging into this application.

We created a program for a client to parse the trading emails from his inbox and then raised the order through broker API. It involved the usage of Gmail API, text parsing, sending email notifications, and interacting with a couple of other websites. The script scans the inbox at a particular interval and processes all the new emails from a particular sender/email-ID.

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