Ther client is looking for a VERY experienced Excel Guru, who can work with them to take several estimating systems that they have written in the past and combine them into one new Excel Based Estimating system.

When new builders want to use the system, they will typically come with an existing accounting / estimating system. The client needs a way to get their standard divisions and cost codes into their new system. Take a look at the attached Excel Workbook. They are teaching a class and the builders will come with this spreadsheet filled out with their unique cost codes. They want the program to generate the individual cost code worksheets & the Estimate Cc sort summary sheet. It should also put in the hyperlinks between the cc sort sheet and and the individual tabs, name the tabs the cost code and description, put the cost code and description at the top of individual worksheets and return the values from cell A2 (building cost to spreadsheet) & A29 (site cost to spreadsheet) on the individual sheets to the cc sort summary.

Excel based Contruction Estimation and Cost Tracking

Our Experience

We have created a trivial Google spreadsheet based construction estimator based on your design concept. We have a lot of experience in creating complex apps in Microsoft Excel. We helped Ovalideas extract knowledge from USPTO data using Excel.

With the knowledge of a BS degree in Construction Engineering, we are hopeful to give this project a success. 

Our understanding of the work

  • Create 2 columns cost code and cost code name / Description in the first workbook
  • User enters the value (manually) into the columns
  • Concatenate both values and create individual worksheet (automatically through backend code), like 00 00 00 Master Sheet for each cost code entered
  • Now the concatenated value is entered in B1 cell of worksheet 00 00 00 Master Sheet
  • Create (automatically through backend code) and populate 3rd worksheet Initial Estimate CC Sort
  • Here cost code will be grouped by division
  • Hyperlink between 2nd and 3rd worksheet.

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