The client needs a database expert to help them translate an excel workbook into AWS or other cloud-based services to create a stand-alone worksheet/service/program for input and management of bids and budgets.

Excel into AWS and other cloud based services


They have uploaded an example working file but formulas get broken etc by the end-user and any customization is brutal. They want to set up something to help with data integrity as well as make it easier to run reports, customize and analyze data. IThe base file that is used for input and some reporting has been given along with additional files with report examples. The data will have to be organized in such a way that each individual project is located under a master division so that reports can be run across projects.

Our Possible Solution 

We have studied the requirements thoroughly and with our prior experience in handling similar types of projects, we would easily start with the project and deliver the same with success for the client.

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