Background and Requirements 

The client wants to build a white-label app for both Android and iOS, that can easily be duplicated and customised into an app for each of their clients. Each new app will contain information specifically related to the respective client.

Their clients should have access to input their own data directly into their app. Input data includes: 

  • Menu, 
  • Offers, 
  • Notifications
QR Code Scanner App for Android and iOS

All the logic should be done on a server so the client cannot get access to the database and do malicious stuff. One server instance handles all clients, so all apps that extend from the template app, saving time for each additional client. As scalability is important for this app, the server should be easily scalable and could be handled through one database (possibly SQL).

When a client is added to a new app, the app needs to have altered the react-native code to display the clients’ specific info including contact, pictures, logo, handle provisioning and create a version for Android and iOS and deploy to the store.

The app will contain a QR scanner that is used to scan client-specific information.

Our Experience and Possible Approach 

We have expertise in building dynamic native apps and in one of the recently done apps the team implemented a QR Code scanner app "J3Fire". The app scans QR Code from assets like AC, Fan, Lights etc, and sends scanned code to the server to get the full details, and the user can replace these assets with another one if assets are not working properly, every asset has a unique QR Code.

Therefore, we are certain that we can meet your requirements within the scheduled time frame.

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