Background Story

Mobile application development with Ionic

Build a geofencing and data gathering application manager and client.

What The client had:

  • Ionic application for iOS.
  • Backend with database and API
Geo Fencing and Data Gathering App


They need to add a geo fencing management feature to the current application (manager) and create another app to be the device tracked with geofencing (client). The other application will also need to send an SMS with contact information to the main server. This new application should be available for iOS and Android while the current iOS application should also be built for Android. Both applications should be deployable to the Google Play store.

What client will provide

They will build the endpoints we need to store data and connect between apps

Our Possible Solution

We are a software consulting company in Silicon Valley, California started in 2004 and also have a branch in India. Our team of mobile app developers works on different platforms/frameworks and are good at creating utility apps, be it native (iOS / Android) or Cross-platform frameworks like Ionic, Xamarin or PhoneGap.

We have a proficient team with relevant experience in creating apps with Geo-Fence features. We developed a social networking app for a Cafe that allows mobile users to connect to each other when they are in the fenced area of the Cafe. And in another Hunting App, we implemented Live tracking using geolocation as well as provided the Ability to create geo-fence for hunting areas, so that Hunters are well within the geo-fenced hunting area.

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