Background Story 

The client needs the addition of properties and submission of sitemaps into Google's Search Console to be automated.

Google's Search Console Automation


They are finishing the domain work on several of the sites now - with positive outcomes. Thye approached us for some assistance in BitBucket Pipelines. In GCP they are using two instances as opposing/unrelated sandbox projects; and, it is easy for them to spin up a new instance via either a snapshot or disk image; but, they would also like to keep the codebase up to date in the future by having them connected to a single repository. 

They would like all of the properties added at once. It would be perfectly acceptable to do all properties in one step then all sitemaps in the second step.

Our Understanding 

As per our understanding, Google Search Console does not imply to trespass any script or API to add or submit new properties or sitemaps respectively. As both addition and submission undergo separate step verification of Account along with fetching HTML file and uploading HTML & XML file to the source directory.

The Automation of the whole process seems to be violating the authorized norms of Google Webmaster. 

We understand how much time it used to take when they have so many sites to get added in the property and the sitemaps listing of your Google Search Console account. We assume that they want to add the sites and their sitemaps in one go. 

Our Viewpoint  

We have gone through the complete documentation and ways to create APIs for sitemaps as well as properties together, but as per Google Seach console updated documents Adding multiple properties automatically into google search console is been deprecated and the API doesn't support bulk addition of properties.

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