The client is looking for an individual or a team who delivers an MVP in 6 weeks.

Built-in asp.NET MVC is a hiring management platform much like Upwork. 

Hiring Management Platform

This is the overview of the project: 

Epic 1 - Caregivers Caregivers can submit their profile information, credentials, certification, pictures, and references, and job preferences on the site.

Companies that hire caregivers can post short and long-term jobs, with required credentials, certifications, preferences, etc.

The system then will match caregivers based on a matching algorithm and alert company.

The company would use the tool to do initial email or form queries, Video Interviews, and mark off a list of requirements.

On hire, the information for the caregiver in this platform must push to an existing web forms application that is HIPAA compliant.


Must be able to communicate with the existing application in a secure manner OK to use an existing open-source framework. This is not patentable.

They asked if we are experienced in the Phone Gap to push the caregiver portion to mobile because that would be a huge advantage for the project. 

  • Wireframes will be provided.
  • Designs will be provided.
  • Have the ability to create Acceptance Criteria or your team can create them.
  • Ability to use Jira if needed to manage a project.

The client is using agile and prefers to work in 2-week sprints. They have requested weekly meetings for project updates.

Our Experience 

We have developed an e-recruitment software solution "Saral Hiring" to manage all aspects of recruiting process, be it client and contact management, job requisition management, applicant tracking, or event and interview scheduling.

Based on your requirement, we can deliver this in around 200 hours and we have provided an estimate. 

Our mobile development team has an overall experience of 5 years in developing native iOS / Android as well as Cross-Platform frameworks like PhoneGap, Xamarin, Codename One, and React Native.

We have been using Agile methodology, and have been working on sprints, for most of our projects.

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