The client is interested in building a platform like

Background Story 

For capturing Hubstaff uses desktop-user client software as sometimes the client may not have internet. It captures the screenshot and stores them locally as application found on the internet and uploads on the server. So, they need a desktop application and web application to make the data available on the cloud to access anywhere. 

Software for Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring


The client has used Hubstaff for about a year so far. They asked us to install and check the software and Admin panel tool. The project entails 2 projects, one is a desktop application that would monitor activities and one is an Admin Panel to see the activities and other operations. This Admin panel would also have 2 parts one is for the main owner and one is for all users which have installed desktop software.

Features of Hubstaff that interests the clients most are:

  1. Employee Monitor Screenshots (1x/2x/3x every 10 minutes)

  2. Employee URL App tracker (record keyboard, mouse activity)

  3. Time tracking (idle timeout prompt 5/10/20 min, da/we/mo reports

  4. Paypal payment integration to pay Employees for hours worked

  5. Plus the other Hubstaff monitoring and reporting features offer

They are interested in API sync to our server-based suite CRM Php platform (same as SugarCRM) or Codeigniter if SugarCRM API is not possible.

They have also used which have similar functions to Hubstaff that you can use as a reference.

What we can do with our experience 

We have developed an application Work snapper which matches their requirement, the application was developed by us to manage our remote employees.

The application has a web interface for admin and managers for application setup and reporting and a desktop application for users for image and screenshot capture.

The application automatically takes a screenshot of the workstation at stipulated times thus allowing the manager to view the activity of the employee during his work hours. Images from the webcam can also be taken

Timesheet where employees can post comments on the task they are working on, providing a status update on the task allocated

Some of the major reports of Reporting and Analytics are

  • Snapshot report
  • Employee Work Hour Report
  • Timesheet Report
  • Project Report

The client can also view reports related to their projects, also the reports can be exported in major formats to an external location.

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