Background Story

To update and improve the current image analysis system, including software architecture, SQL database, C# .NET coding, and UI redesign.

At the end of the job, the code should have high programming standards, and the UI will be completely redesigned including user restrictions and multi-language including Spanish and English.

At the end of the process and after approval for release, it is imperative to give the full backup of the code and the new UI for future development.

Image Analysis System Improve and UI Redesign


  • Before final approval, the software should be undergone acceptance testing (FAT and SAT) by the client’s specialized team on site.
  • At the end of the process, the application, coding, UI, and everything related to the project, will be the intellectual property of the client and can be used as per their requirements.
  • To be considered, the professional should send examples of his/her portfolio, developing desktop applications.

Our Prior Relevant Experience 

We had done quite a few image processing applications. In the latest project, which calculates the area of the roof based on its slope and perspective size compared to the height of the door. 

Another project we worked on was to detect the presence of employees at their workstations in order to calculate their working hours.

Our design skills include bootstrap & foundation framework along with HTML5, CSS3/4, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery.

We also had experience building multilingual applications. We worked for a Survey SaaS company based in the UK. The system developed supports the English and Spanish language. 

Technology Stack 

DAQ: Data acquisition windows service 

ENG: Engine windows service 

SQL DB: SQL database project for interaction between services 

UI: User Interface to be redesigned and improved

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