The clients have a website which is partially complete. It exists for selling and promoting my Excel com DLL which makes sketches entirely within Excel. They need to implement the EDD API on the website for selling and licensing and using the various features of the API. 

Implement EDD Plugin on Website

One particular feature that they need is to allow multiple license numbers to be issued for each of the multiple copies that a customer will order, on the same scale.

The software registration and activation features must provide copy protection so that the app will only run on the licensed computer(s). A interface will be provided for this using the 123CAD application (written in 

Our Experience 

We have worked with an Irish music industry and created an application where the admin can create an opportunity and the member can submit their tracks/digital files to the opportunity. The members can pay for these tracks/files and then can download the files. EDD is a plugin for WordPress which can be installed directly. It acts as a portal for selling digital products like music, eBooks, etc. It also provides APIs using which we can push/post data to any 3rd party website.

API is not an issue as we provided them a list of APIs we have either created or consumed.

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