The client is looking for an experienced wordpress web developer who can place a .aspx (.NET) web app into a customized WP theme using an iFrame and make it fit perfectly like it is a part of the website.

Integrate .aspx Website into iFrame, inside of Custom WordPress Website

A detailed explanation of the task is as follows:

Embed the .aspx iframe into the website like the sample image. It needs to look seamless and have a responsive design so that the user does not need to scroll within the web app but through the entire page.

The user will click on the blue "next" button on the homepage once they have to input their specifications, they will then be redirected to a second page called - this page will embed the .aspx into an iFrame, like the first except it won't have the other elements of the website with it. When loading the iFrame - we must use a similar script to build the iFrame URL to have all the variables that were passed to this page through the QueryString from our other developer.

Their developer has sent a query string to, which we may feed into the iframe web link so that it reflects the info inputted into the iframe web app on the first page.

They will provide us with wordpress login information as well as the weblink for the .aspx they would link to be fit seamlessly inside the iFrame.

Our Experience 

Opening one site in another website via an iFrame is not an issue. I have done something similar before. However, the header design with menu items would remain on the WordPress site only.

We have provided them with a list of projects executed in WordPress and 

We can do this and as we have done similar work in the past. We have completed a project where we took inbound call information from Digium Switchvox and created a custom URL that can be passed to Autotask CRM & loads content in iFrames.

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