The client approached us to create a script and/or separate plugin that will allow a potential buyer to check the quantities and color that they entered and confirm if the requested quantities/colors are in stock. 

They would like to leverage the existing WordPress Site and the T-Shirt plugin and WooCommerce plugin rather than building everything from scratch. If possible, they would like to see if they could add a small change (the button that calls out script) onto the existing Woo-Commerce page. This script and/or plugin would go out and check the quantities by the requested size/color and provide a message indicating what is currently available and what will be on backorder. In the advanced setting on the WooCommerce page, there are some value options but they are not very sure of how this works.

Inventory Management

Scenario Example: Potential buyer wants to order a black t-shirt. They want to order (15 x-smalls and 25 smalls). Before they submit their order, users would have the ability to check to see if the requested t-shirts (15 x-smalls and 25 smalls) are in stock and provide a message indicating what is currently available and what will be on backorder.

They just need the ability to show customers where the inventory levels are with their request so that they can see what is currently available and/or what will be on backorder.

Our Experience 

We have a team of WordPress experts who have used the Woo-Commerce plugin in some of their projects, so they are quite confident about performing the task.

According to our understanding, the client wants the user to have the ability while adding items to the cart to check and see if the requested t-shirts are in stock and provide a message indicating the currently available number of t-shirts in stock accordingly. In some of our projects, we have done similar work. 

There is an ongoing project of an eCommerce T-shirt site built in WordPress. Here users can select garments and send them for design printing of their choices. 

We are capable of handling the project with ease.

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