The client has a charting library that they want us to improve in terms of functionality. They are looking for an iOS developer for the betterment of their open-source Charting library:

Here is an overview of the features that need to be built on top of the library with the ability to:

  • Highlight individual bars with highlight color in a bar chart with a touch.
  • Display a tooltip with information when an individual bar is highlighted/selected.
  • Display bars with different colors
  • Add a legend that corresponds to the dataset in the barChart.
  • Format the labels on the X-Axis to prevent overlapping when the label text is too long.
iOS Chart Library development

There are requirements for the language as well. The client asked us if we are affluent in English or Dutch. They prefer starting the work with simple milestones and share a common project via git.

The code is written in Swift 3 that must run on iOS 10.

They provided us the source code of the library and asked us for our way of accomplishing the task. 

Our Experience 

We are an esteemed company providing IT solutions to our clients across the world including the US, Ireland, and India. We have an expert team to develop dynamic web and native mobile applications. 

In one of our .Net projects, we developed Dashboard to plot various graphs as needed by the app. 

Our Exposure to iOS Projects are:

  1. Where To Hunt, a GPS based iOS app having Live tracking, In-app Purchase, and Push Notification features - 
  2. J3Office, a risk management iOS app 
  3. The OAB Clinic, health & fitness iOS app 
  4. Mzali, online education iOS app
  5. Monitor BP, health & fitness iOS app
  6. QR Scanner iOS app for reading QR codes
  7. Dealo, a shopping iOS app
  8. Pulp Free Publishing (iPhone Comic app)

We are confident in creating the Native iOS app the client is looking for, however, to provide you a proposal, with a time and cost estimate, we need complete requirements. We requested the client to share that.

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