Background Story 

The client has a WordPress site using WooCommerce for our shopping cart.


The client wants the customers to click/tap a link from an ad, come to the site, purchase a software license pulled from another site via API (but with payment to the site), then be directed to where they can create their account for that software (not an account on the particular site, but for the app purchase/licensing) so the license key can be pulled and assigned to that account. They can then be returned to the site.

License Integration API on Wordpress

The Goal 

The main goal is to accomplish these 4 objectives:

  1. Ask the user for a valid email and a (possibly new) password to be used for a software vendor

  2. Secure the funds

  3. Call “SellLicense” API to acquire a “Premium Bundle” Consumer, 1-year License Activation Key

  4. Call “EnrollUser()” to create/append a user account, adding the new license profile to the user

Our Possible Approach

We are a team of experts involved in the development of WordPress and have also used the WooCommerce plugin in some of our projects for more than 10 years now. We have expertise in building/customizing web & mobile apps.

We have developed a license management software that generates and manages licenses for multiple products, it can be integrated into eCommerce applications using webhooks. 

Therefore, we can easily take up the job and deliver it meeting the requirements successfully.

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