The client operates a technology-based company that provides a platform to collect logistics data at multiple locations and then synchronizes that information to a centralized cloud database hosted on a LAMP (MySQL). They require an Android developer to develop just the Android application solution which is a part of this overall logistics platform. There are more detailed technical specification documents and a suggested mockup wireframe in for this application that will be provided to the second round of selected candidates. 

Logistics Data Gathering Application

Scope of Work

The app will be used to gather data during the collections of products at remote locations. The data is relative to the transaction of receiving the products at given locations. 

The interface uses a single basic layout frame with 4 static main buttons on the bottom that will change the dynamic area in the middle area. 

The app will walk you through the process of gathering data and then confirm selections before storing the data locally on the device. 

The application is for a specific mobile device so support is only needed for a specific hardware, platform and screen resolution. This should make Interoperability easy. Currently, it is a specific model of Nexus or Rugby. 


  • The app will then synchronize the data to the cloud MySQL when the network is available.
  • The app requires knowledge to collect data from RFID tags via NFC. 
  • App requires the ability to read a QR code
  • The app requires to receive data via Bluetooth device
  • The phone will not always have network access so it's important to store data to be synced.
  • They require a working app first and then over time add more flexibility. 

Our Experience and Approach 

We are an IT consultancy firm having offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, India and Ireland. For one of our clients, we worked on creating an e-commerce logistics app. We provide cloud based server management services as well. 

 We have experience in working on apps having NFS, RFID, QR Code scanning. We have shared details of the Logistics app we worked on and shared links of apps which synchronizes data with remote databases and QR Code scanner app.

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