The client needs a very simple messaging app built to utilize slack. The solution needs to be functional and can work using multiple devices so they need PhoneGap integration.

Messaging App built for Slack Team - PhoneGap


Qualified candidates must have experience with:

  • The messaging app, 
  • Twilio, 
  • Slack & PhoneGap, or
  • Xamarin.

Our Experience

We are a team of dedicated mobile developers with expertise not only in Native app development (iOS and Android) but also in Cross-Platform mobile framework Xamarin, Ionic, and Codename-one. We completed a project on Xamarin . The mobile app is used to interact with data services exposed by Microsoft CRM server. It is used by ship pilots employed by a company to notify the schedule and to perform some other standard CRUD operations.

We have also worked on a Xamarin forms project that is based on Xamarin wrapper.

We have developed a Message sending application "Text2All". It is a group message sending app for both iOS & Android which is developed using Codename-One cross-platform.

We also have good experience in integrating Twilio API. We used Twilio API for sending SMS. We have also integrated third-party apps on Slack using webhooks. We have also customized another open-source messaging system, which is Mattermost.

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